The VII Conference of the Società di Didattica delle Lingue e Linguistica educativa (Language Teaching and Educational Linguistics Association) “Language education and assessment: society, school, university” will be held in Pisa on May 12 – 13, 2022.

Assessment is a process of evaluation with different purposes and features that is extensively used in both lower and higher education, as well as in society in general. It plays a crucial role in language education, involving learners, teachers, authors of teaching materials, certification centres, language policy makers, and all those working in the domain of language teaching.
Reflection upon the relationship between language education and assessment, on its complexity and multifaceted nature is nowadays essential in the Italian context, in consideration of the links to international contexts where the discussion about assessment has a longstanding tradition, including in teacher training. This conference will provide the opportunity to reflect on and discuss several themes: assessment models, language assessment, assessment of teaching skills and teaching materials, and the opportunities offered by new technologies, to name but a few.
The conference will tackle assessment also with respect to its impact in different educational contexts, such as schools and universities as well as in society.